Testamonials from Day 1 & 2 Seminar Attendees

“I loved the lab time and practice. It was extremely helpful to have course content that was relevant to my professional practice. The demonstrations were great, and the instructor ensured a respectful environment by listening and answering questions thoroughly. I feel confident that I can use Kinesio Taping immediately for patients to help carry-over from treatment to home.” – Matthew

“I would describe the learning environment as optimal. The instructor used pictures and demos with clinical scenarios – very helpful! He made sure to facilitate an open and respectful learning environment, and took the time to answer all questions clearly. It was relevant to my practice as a PT, and I intend to use multiple applications on my patients for issues in the fascia, muscles, epidermis, etc.” – Emily

Testamonials on Kinesio Tape

“I love Kinesio Tape, and if you have it applied correctly, you will too!! I have attended 3 of the seminars and will be attending the 4th in a couple of months, it has changed so many of our patient’s lives and has helped me. After my car was totaled in January, Kinesio Tape helped me not to miss one day of work so that I can continue to provide care to my patients. I am a true believer in the power of this tape!!!” – Kesha Randall, 5/1/2015

“I have Wilson’s Disease, and Kinesio tape has helped me immensely by keeping my muscles loose, and reducing the number of spasms I have. The tape reduces swelling, relieves pain, and is water proof so I can go swimming with it without it peeling off.” – Kayla Weselowski, 10/5/2015

“I have a bad MCL, elastic bandages just don’t give me enough support. This Kinesio Tape has supported my knee to where I’m mobile again Thank you.” – Aurora Garci, 5/16/2016