Kinesio Tex Gold Light Touch (LT) – IFU

Offering you Comfort and Stability for over 35 years

Kinesio® Tex Gold Light Touch (LT) tape presents a unique formula, gentle enough for all skin types. It offers an alternative for geriatric to pediatric patients, and anyone with a tendency to skin sensitivity. Light Touch’s Micro-Air-Pocket Technology or sponge-like structure and adhesive focuses on the dermis and superficial fascia skin layers; attracting moisture thus creating space for fluid movement. This in turn creates soft multi-correctional results since dermis, fascia & muscle surface areas are similar to memory foam. Light Touch provides a shift of misaligned tissue into its correct position by means of light stimulation.

Recommendation: Single Day Use.

Comfort: With its time-tested original wave-patterned adhesive design, Kinesio Tex Gold offers light, gentle, hypo-allergenic materials that can be used with all skin types.
Reliability: With the original wave-patterned adhesive design, Kinesio Tex Gold brings back the product you have grown to rely on.
Kinesio®: The Most Trusted Name in Elastic Adhesive Tape.

• Consult your physician prior to use
• Test patch is recommended for those with high allergic tendencies
• Stop usage immediately in the result of skin irritation
• Apply with little or no stretch
• Elongate the muscles or joints prior to applying tape
• Remove any excess oils, sweat, and/or dirt prior to applying the tape
• Avoid storing product in direct sunlight and/or high temperatures.